Surface Plot 2D

hello i have few problems the 3D viewer sometimes work fine , sometimes the window itself is so squished so i need to drag it to make it look bigger , and when i try to make 3D image from 2D gray scale and export as obj or stl from 3D Viewer it tells me no meshes to export and i already see 3D image in front of me , sec how can i adjust the hight of Z ( depth of the image ) the original imagej got a lot of adjustment tools inside Surface Plot 2D , i cant find them here , anyway how to adjust the settings of the image and why i cant export mesh ? the only way of exporting mesh is from Save as by wavefront , and the obj is so thin

what appers in console : 3D [dev] 1.6.0-scijava-2-pre11-daily-experimental daily

nFrames = 1

what appears in logs : No meshes to export!