Surface area in BoneJ2

Hi, I am trying to measure surface area of a binary bone trabecular data. And I select “Plugin-boneJ-surface area”. But It shows me an error dialog said"Cannot scale result because axis calibrations don’t match.”. How can I do with this? Thank you.!

The error suggests your X and Y calibrations (pixel size, I would guess) don’t match. Is that correct? If so, apparently it won’t generate a mesh.

That’s correct. But looking at the code, the pixel spacing needs to be identical in all the axes which is often not the case in real microtomography data. There can be a couple of decimal places of precision missing from one or two of the axes. Users can work around this by running Image > Properties (or [Shift]+[p]) and ensuring all 3 axes have the exact same pixel spacing. This behaviour is inconvenient when you can readily tolerate an error of 0.1 - 1.0 % or so, so that’s something for us to improve.

Fix it, thank you very much.