Suppress "Process Stack" pop-up upon drawing in Z-Stack

Dear @imagejan, @Christian_Tischer,

I need to do a lot of drawing in a Z-Stack in ImageJ.
For that it would be good to have a shortcut for:

“Draw on this plane only, please do not ask: Do you want to process the stack.
I never want it. Thanks!”

Or to change the default such that the “Process Stack” pop-Up is suppressed
until i reactive it again.

Does this already exist, and I did just not find it?

Thanks a lot & Kind regards


From the user guide:

With stacks, a dialog is displayed offering the option to draw the selection in all stack images. Draw the selection by pressing D to avoid this dialog.

@Tobias is that what you mean?

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Edit -> Options -> Misc -> “Hide Process Stack dialog” could also be a solution for you.



Dear @imagejan,

actually I meant the underlying command.

I had already created a shortcut for “0” to Draw.


Reason for this was that i want to draw with my right hand with my pen on my screen and navigate the stack & draw with my left hand.

My hand is too small to reach from the arrow keys to D


Edit -> Options -> Misc -> “Hide Process Stack dialog”

solves it!!

Now 0 works…

Thanks a lot to you and @steinr

Kind regards


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