Summary Window Close Confirmation?

I have been really surprised to find that, while collecting data using Analyze Particles in Fiji, it is possible to close out the “summary” window without any kind of confirmation - this window contains the desired “count” measurements/data, so it would be great if it wasn’t so easy to close (and lose all of the data collected since the last copy/paste to excel). Is this a feature that could be added in the future, or does anyone know of a way to collect “counts” in a more fool-proof manner?

Thanks for any insights,

Your best bet would be to script the analysis in the IJ macro language (or one ot the other supported languages) to develop a reproducible data processing pipeline that automatically writes the results to a .csv (using commas as delimiters) or .tsv file (using tabs as delimiters. Our European friends often prefer tabs…)

Then you can do your backend processing in your favorite language. Unless you are automating your analysis in Excel in VBA, I suspect using Jupyter notebooks (mainly Python but there are other kernels like Groovy for ImageJ) would be more reproducible. Another option is to use Rmarkdown (using R with Rstudio). Both approaches are designed to produce reproducible data analyses that include both code and text.