Suggestions to Improve segmentation results


I have images in co-culture setting(2 different classes). I have built a pipeline to identify and separate the cells based on standard intensity features.
I have also analyzed the results in CPA (as CP results showed under segmentation) and I’m getting an accuracy of 0.84 I don’t have annotated images (manually labelled ground truth) as there are over 3000 cells per image so it doesn’t seem feasible.
I would like to improve my results. Any suggestions to improve my pipeline(attached) would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

ImprovedPipeline_final.cpproj (150.3 KB)

Hi @Swati,

Could you upload an example image?

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Hi @lmurphy

Thanks for your reply280120-SUPB1-HS5-WF-10X-Cyquant_C09_s1_w1.TIF (8.0 MB) 280120-SUPB1-HS5-WF-10X-Cyquant_B08_s10_w1.TIF (8.0 MB) 280120-SUPB1-HS5-WF-10X-Cyquant_B08_s9_w1.TIF (8.0 MB)
I’ve attached a couple of images for your reference.

Hi Swati,

I tried suttle changes in your IdentifyPrimaryObject module “Fill holes” options & declumping factor. It is better than before, though not sure if this is what you are looking for. PFA screen shot.

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