Suggestion: QC image writer

I’m currently looking at writing some pipelines for our scientists to process images on the cluster. It be useful if you could have a subset of images take from mid-pipeline written to disk from the SaveImage module to review. Here are a few scenarios:
*] Save 5% of images chosen at random
*] Save any any image with above 500 nuclei
*] Save 10% of images with above 500 nuclei with a minimum of 10
*] Save all +ve and -ve control images

This is a great suggestion. CP doesn’t have much in the way of conditionals in its pipeline structure, but we have designed it this way for clarity (in the code, as well as a straightforward pipeline structure).

However, I’m thinking that you ought to be able to adapt the FlagImage module, which was designed for QC purposes, to do some of what you want.
Namely, add FlagImage(s) as the second to last module and your SaveImage(s) as the last module. If FlagImage’s criterion is not met, then the subsequent modules could be skipped, including SaveImages.

Let us know how it works,