Suggestion for reminders while creating topic or new post?

Hi guys
I have a suggestion for the forum. Is it possible to include a reminder or pop up of some sort while creating new posts to include sample images if the question is about image analysis?

Almost every other post dealing with image analysis does not include any images. The onus ends up being on those responding to request that. This eliminates that extra step and I think it has potential to increase number and rate of responses.

What do you guys think? I am not familiar with discourse, so not sure if you can do this…

If its not possible, maybe there can be a sticky post at the very top which details good practices to follow while posting in this forum, AND other info such as: relevant links to topics such as thresholding, opening images in a directory, coding macros, macro recording etc… ?

Apologies if something like this is already there, I can’t seem to find it…




Hello Pradeep -

This sounds like a good idea to me – many questions would
be easier to understand if they were accompanied by some
sample images.

Along these same lines could we adjust the forum settings (if
possible) to permit posting a wider variety of images types, for
example, including tifs? This would lower the barrier to posters
including sample images.

Thanks, mm


Hi @pr4deepr, thanks for the suggestion!

Yes, it is possible to create a Topic Template for each category. IIRC, this was suggested and definitely planned to be introduced together with the merger of the CellProfiler and ImageJ forums, but as this got delayed, nobody found the time yet to set it up.

Do you have specific suggestions for templates of the Image Analysis and the Issues category? If we agree on some wording, I can put it in.

Uploading tiff files is possible already (and allowed from the forum settings), but the problem is that many browsers do not display them correctly: for example, I’ve seen Firefox and Chrome for Desktop displaying “broken images” placeholders, whereas Chrome for Android seems to display them correctly. In some cases in the past, I’ve edited affected posts to instead include a link to the original file, and a “preview” in png format.

We should include instructions/explanations in a topic template definitely.

Thanks both of you for caring!


Maybe with, the knowledge of today, edit the mission statement in the first posting and put in a link to a page that suggests how to pose questions?

I guess most new users pass that page before they post.

Something along the lines of:
As your question deals with image analysis, please post a sample image. This makes it easier for others to understand your problem, and solve it quicker.

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