Suggestion for properties file

It would be awesome if two defaults could be set in the properties file (and also in the ExportToDatabase module):
-Variable for Fetch # of cells in the classifier
-Variable for Max # of rules

Also, in the ExportToDatabase module, it would be nice if you could set the following within it:
-Specifying the column names that contain X and Y coordinates for each object within an image
-Excluded Columns

One other thing, it would be useful if saving the training set also sets it as the default training set for the properties file of your database

Not sure if you edit the ExportToDatabase module but hopefully you can pass this along if you don’t

Hi Scott,

These are all good suggestions, and we will add them to our list. In the developer’s version of ExportToDatabase, we have added many options to minimize the user’s need to manually edit CPA’s properties file (Groups, Filters, Plate Type, etc). But not all options yet, including the ones you suggested. It’s getting to be a long module to edit, though, so we need to balance these issues.