Suddenly unable to open .mvd2 and .nd2 files

Hi all,

Since this morning I’m suddenly unable to open .mvd2 and .nd2 files in ImageJ. Tiff files work fine.
I was able to open mvd2 files the day before without issues.
The issue persist when trying to open the files from different locations (e.g. desktop, external drive,…)
All I know is that some default bio-formats updates ran automatically when first opening imageJ this morning.

When importing an .mvd2 file, the following message appears:


I’d be very happy to get some suggestions on how to solve this problem.


UPDATE: a similar issue was addressed here:
Bio-Formats Exception (after recent update)
deselecting the bio-Formats update site fixes the problem for now.

HOW?: help–>update–>manage update sites–>untick Bio-Formats–>restart imageJ

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Glad to see you found a solution. The issue with the Bio-Formats updater site should now be resolved with a new ome-common jar having been deployed.