Subpixel peak detection java code



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Dear Subpixelaccuracy Peak Detection Experts,

I am looking for java code that finds the peak in below 2D image with sub-pixel accuracy.
It would not matter for me whether the code lives in ImagePlus or RAI world; however, the faster the better, of course :slight_smile: (3.0 MB)

Would you be so kind to point me to your (or others) respective implementations?


The (n-dimensional quadratic fit) imglib2-algorithm implementation is here:

It is used e.g. in #trackmate like this:

To avoid re-implementing the entire detection process, you can also use TrackMate’s DogDetector or LogDetector directly. An example for this is in fmi-ij2-plugins (shameless self-advertising):


I used this solution and it seems to work.