Stupid question: stacks to multilayer tiff

I have a question that could be stupid but no idea how to solve it. One of our software (HELO) generates fluorescence pictures (usually blue, red, green) that we can open as hyperstacks (8-bit). These are black and white and I can color them using the color-> make composite option. Now, I just would like to export these hyperstacks into a tiff file in which each layer would correspond to a color (each layer being properly coloured and not black and white). I tried a lot : no way…
Any help would be appreciated !
Thanks in advance.

Hello patimages,
After you color each image you wish go to Plugins > Utilities > Capture Image. That will give you a RGB image including the color.

Thanks for the tipp. But how could I get a tiff file with 3 different layers : one green, one bue, one red ?

Hello again patimages,
Go to Images > Stacks > Tools > and Concatenate. That should do it.
P. S. There are no stupid questions.