Stress granules in yeast

Hi there,
I have run an experiment which is about stress granules formation in yeast using leica sp8 confocal microscope and microfluidics device custom made
for the confocal images - its a time lapse with z slices, does anyone know how i can track the cells see how many stress granules are expressed per cell and the localisation of those granules, and at what time point they disperse and what fraction of the cells have stress granules formed at the bud site compared to non bud site
Thank you

You might try TrackMate:

Would it be better to have the images as split channels or overlayed (brightfield and fluorescence)?

the files look something like this in brightfield and gfp

any help would be much appreciated

Hard to say without a timelapse example but I think the GFP channel seperate the cells quite well.

I would simple use the suggested plugin if it produces reasonable results for you, see:

Hi i will attach quick movies from the first position i selected on the slides
I also need to be able to apart of tracking the cells also the localization of the stress granules and the number of granules expressed by the cells and for how long
any ideas are more than welcome

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