Streamlining measurements + positive cell counts

Hi, so right now, I have a script that copies my ROI to the images that I need - as well as counts the positive cells within the annotations (there are multiple per image). After this, I go through the annotations tab and look at how many detections there are per annotation…

I’m just wondering if there’s a quicker way to do this - is there a way to incorporate it into a script - like can I have groovy print the detections/annotation at the end of the positive cell detection script? Can the measurements of the ROIs also be printed?

Any comments would help!


Something like this?

Use of this is also covered here in a concrete example, though the whole thing is incomplete so most links are not active.

This looks helpful! I will work on it.

Another quick question, is there a way to change the image name in a script - with a script ?

So for the code I’m working on found here, I need to identify the original image that the annotations are on - so far I’ve been changing this manually for each project - is there a way to streamline this ?

I doubt it because there are multiple images in a project but I’m super new at this.

You can certainly edit strings with filenames in them, I would look up some general Groovy instructions on that, though. It would be difficult to help without understanding the scope and layout of your project.