Streaming movie viewer for OMERO

A number of colleagues are generating movie files from their time lapse experiments and as output from their analytics (e.g. 3D fly-throughs of segmented 3D images). They would like to keep those in OMERO for the organizational benefits. However, movie playback isn’t well supported in the current OMERO viewers. @will-moore 's omero-player (GitHub - will-moore/omero-player) gives some ideas of what things could be like if fully developed. Has anyone come up with a really good way to work with movie files in OMERO?

PS. Of course, there’s the other issue that very few movie format files are actually importable into OMERO due to limited support for the wide variety of encodings. Any ideas for that?


Hi Damir-

Interesting idea, and one we have addressed previously. Building a fully functional open source video handling system for biosciences is a great idea. Do you know someone who wants to support that work?



Hi Jason,
Many of the videos would be closely associated with actual images such one has in OMERO (e.g. time-lapse images, or 3D images from which a nice fly-through was created) so rather than a separate environment for the videos, I think something closely integrated with OMERO would be most functional. Also, then you’d be able to associated the metadata of the original images with the videos. So it would be fun to spit-ball how that could be built. Maybe at the Community Meeting; if not during a session then during a post-session beer- or Scotch-tasting (which would be ~9am for me :grimacing:).

How to get it funded is indeed the big question (and I see how you very adeptly toss that back to me). This question came up in a small pilot project within a consortium studying cancer early detection, called ACED. It’s funded and operated by CRUK so maybe familiar? Anyway, let me see if there’s any interest there.