Straight Line Tool - Plot Profile


I’m using the straight line tool to measure fluorescence intensity along the line in two channels.
Therefore I use the Plot Profile and I’m interested in the distance [μm] (between two intensity maxima along the line). Plot Profile -> List shows x and y values.
My question is, is there a possibility to set the x values. Right now the Plot Profile shows the x- values 0.000 μm, 0.0648 μm, 0.129 μm, etc. Can I change these values (reduce the interval)? Or is there a possibility to measure the distance [μm] of two intensity maxima of two channels along a straight line?

Thank you

Hello there,
Not sure if you have tried this - So to keep it simple i would just use the Line tool to draw a straight line between the two intensity maximas you would like to measure. And then measure the length of this line by pressing ‘M’. You should then get the distance between these straight and the end of your straight line in microns.


Thank you for your advice. But I have images of yeast cells and the fluorescence intensity is shown in the plot profile I took with the straight line tool. And I have two plot profiles (one plot profile pro channel). And that’s my problem. Is it possible to merge the two plot profiles? Because then your solution would be great and i could measure the length of my line.



You could try BAR’s Multichannel Plot Profile tool. To install… just follow these instructions.

That will allow you to measure multiple channels simultaneously…

Hope this helps a bit!


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