Stitching tiff images exported from leica




I tried to stitch the images(extension is tiff) exported from Leica used with the plugin of Grid/cellection stitch. However, the image positions are stored in a file(with the extension of xml) that is not the format the plugin can recognize.
In addtion, it seems that the the positions file defined by image metadata only use for the single data instead of images sequence.

Is it possible to stich the images sequence use with the infomation from .xml file?

the file can be download from image position file(extension is xml)

The reason why I have to stitch the images by this way: Before stiching the images, these images bave to be processed in sequence in a another plugin named baSic, which can not process the stack images.



Hi @Jet_G,

You can try to use the parameter setting “unknown position” in the grid/collectio stitching plugin. That takes a little longer since all images are compared to each other but if you have a sufficient overlap of around 5-10% this should lead to a pretty decent result. Then you do not nred the fle with the stored locations.


Hi @biovoxxel ,
Thanks for your suggestion. I tried this before. it didn’t work for my data. In addition, I have lots of data, which I have to do batch processing.