Stitching Grid/Collection file regexp


when checking the docs for the stitching plugin it seams that there is some information missing on how the {} can be used to define file name variables. It seams the stitching plugin only concerns itself with x-y-z dimensions, but how do I deal with other variable parts in the file name?

are there any particular letters that are accepted in curly brakets? i.e. t for time, z, x, y etc?

concretely; GFP_s1_t1.tif, YFP_s1_t1.tif, GFP_s2_t1.tif, …
so there are channels, tiles and time-points. Does the plugin allow to create a generic description of such a file-name?

Hi, the other dimensions are currently only supported by saving an according 4d/5d file, e.g. TIFF.