Steps to use local thickness plugin

This is a follow-up to my previous post here

I’ve followed the steps mentioned in the previous post.

  1. Loaded the z-stack image
  2. Downsampled the image by 4
  3. Could use the 3D viewer plugin to obtain the 3D reconstruction

Next, I’d like to use the local thickness plugin to retain segments of the 3D volume that has a thickness of 1 - 10 um.

From the suggestions given in my previous post, I tried to use the “Local thickness” plugin.

//Step 1: Generates Local Thickness images
run(“Local Thickness (complete process)”, “threshold=1”);
// Step 2: Threshold it
setThreshold(1.0, 10.0);
// Step 3: Convert to mask
run(“Convert to Mask”, “method=Default background=Dark black”);

Output obtained after step 1:

Next, I try to follow step 2 and 3 in Image -> Adjust -> Threshold

After I type 1.0 and 10.0 and hit Apply, 10.0 automatically changes to 1e30. I am not sure why this happens.

If I ignore the change (10.0 to 1e30 after hitting apply) and use the 2D slice obtained after local-thickness function, the following is obtained

The segments are broken unfortunately. I’m not sure why this happens

Any suggestions on how to proceed will be really helpful