Statistics Output whole Stack to single Excel

Is it possible to export statistics from a whole stack to a single Excel file? I currently only see a method to export the statistics for one material from one image at a time. Ideally, I’d like to export statistics from all materials from all the images in the stack to a single file with columns labeled “slice” and “material” to track objects from each image and material.

Perhaps it is best to export the stack and use ImageJ to obtain the statistics?


Hi Lee,
if you have this configuration
you quantify 2D object for the whole stack for the selected material.

At the moment, it only works for a single material, if you need more materials you can change Objects->Material2, recalc properties, export to excel and combine the tables.

It is also possible automatize the process using the batch processing tool (Menu->File->Batch processing)

Thanks for the help. I had been thinking that the 3D setting was only for a 3D situation, but now I see that it includes a stack. I’m giving my GPU a workout building models, and some results look promising so far!

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