Statistics on all images of a batch

I have a very large image I want to process with CellProfiler. Since it ran out of memory every time I tried to processed it, I wrote a small plugin in ImageJ that would split it up into 104 smaller images. Then I run the 104 small images with my pipeline to differentiate different kind of cells.
I am interested in the total number of these cell types obtained in the original image. Is there a way to sum up all the counts obtained in the 104 images into a single value per cell type. That would be easier than doing sum in Excel and more automatized.
Also, in the Send Email module is there a way to integrate the account number and password of a mail account.
Thanks a lot for your help,

LSU-SVM, Baton Rouge, LA

Hi Hugues,

Unfortunately, at this point, no there is not.

Good suggestion on the password; we have included this as a feature to add in the future. However, I’m not sure what you mean by “account number.”


Thanks Mark,
By account number I actually meant the login information.

Thanks for the clarification.