Static version of the Fiji Bugzilla is back online

As many of you probably already know, the Fiji Bugzilla database has been offline since last summer, due to a possible server breach. The Fiji Bugzilla was one of the most major casualties of that server rebuild.

My plan since then has been to restore a static version of the Bugzilla content, rather than reinstalling Bugzilla itself, because:

  1. We now use GitHub Issues instead.
  2. Bugzilla is one more web service to maintain, which costs sysadmin time.
  3. Bugzilla is one more potential attack vector for intrusion attempts.
  4. The old URLs, however, must continue to work, because they are linked directly in many places.

Unfortunately, due to lack of time, I was never able to restore the old content… but now, all that has changed! I generated the static HTML content, cleaned it up, and pushed it to the Fiji site. So now when you visit e.g. you will see that it redirects to, with the old bug report, comments and attachments intact.

Developers: since this content is on GitHub now, feel free to file PRs fixing any funny artifacts remaining in the static HTML—although hopefully most of it is pretty reasonable already.

One remaining TODO is to finish the SciJava issue reporting mechanism, including a GitHub Issues plugin, intended to replace Fiji’s old Bug Submitter plugin which only knows how to talk to Bugzilla. I started that work long ago, but it is not yet complete, and probably won’t be until several more urgent priorities are completed first.