Starting Command Finder



I have recently installed FIJI. I am working on the tutorial
“Image Analysis with ImageJ/FIJI”
Early in the tutorial the instructor asks that the Command Finder
be invoked. Cntl-L is supposed to get you there.
My question is on what part of what menu is one supposed
to type Cntl-L? A screen shot would be great.



When the main Fiji window or an image window is in focus, hitting ‘l’ (lowercase L) or Ctrl+l should give the Search Bar focus (red arrow below) which quite recently has replaced the Command Finder.


Start typing and you’ll get a list of matching terms.


I believe your suggestion should produce the desired result. However, when I tried cntl-l I do not get an

Lower case ‘l’ brings up Quick Search beginning with LOI Interpolator. I am trying to decide if that is helpful.

Getting the red arrow would be better.

Thanks again


I added the arrow to clarify where you type in your commands, this is not something you will see :slight_smile:

It’s unclear to me what you’re expecting. The search bar has replaced command finder so if the search bar has focus, start typing and you will have the same utility (more actually) as with command finder.


Are you referring to this one?

As @dnmason said, the Search Bar is a new feature that is thought to replace the Command Finder. If you want Ctrl-L to display the Command Finder, you can change that behavior in Edit > Options > Search Bar…


If you are on a mac, just use the Search box under the Help menu. (Typing in the Command Finder in the Fiji/ImageJ menu bar on my mac immediately opens the console with a slew of error messages and ctl-l doesn’t do anything).