Starting a Pipeline for Fluorescent Immunostaining

Hi all,

I’m new to Cell Profiler and having some difficulty starting my pipeline. Trying to quantify these two images with either mean fluorescent intensity or (if possible) cell count. Can someone please help me get started / pushed in the right direction?

Much appreciated,

FF_Rat9_2_SVZ_PI_BRDU.tif (814.1 KB) FF_Rat9_2_SVZ_PI_DCX.tif (834.3 KB)

Hi Michael,

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To get started using CellProfiler for analysis, we recommend watching this CellProfiler introductory workshop, which is available on the Center for Open Bioimage Analysis YouTube Channel. You can download the corresponding written tutorial on Translocation from the CellProfiler Github page. Once you get started building a pipeline to analyze your images, if you have questions, please do reach back out on the forum!