Start Up Problems With CellProfiler Analyst

Hi all,

I am trying to use Cell Profiler Analyst on MacOS Mojave. There was initially an issue where once I had selected the properties folder, the programme would quit. In console the error suggested the problem was with the address of the database in the properties folder I generated, which I corrected.

However, the same issue happnes, and this error message shows up in the console:

-[PersistentAppsSupport saveLogoutPersistentState:finalSnapshot:] | previouslyRunningApps: (
BackgroundState = 3;
BundleID = “org.pythonmac.unspecified.cellprofileranalyst”;
Hide = 0;
Path = “/Applications/CellProfiler”;
BackgroundState = 2;
BundleID = “”;
Hide = 0;
Path = “/System/Library/CoreServices/”;

Can anyone shed any light on what this means?