Starlight Xpress filterwheel device adapter

Hi I am trying to operate a Starlight Xpress midi filterwheel Filterwheels - Starlight Xpress Ltd for bioluminescence BRET experiments under micro-manager software and need to switch between two filters in an image series. I have no programming experience (but colleagues do) and wonder whether anyone could assist with suggestions for the device adapter. The description of the communication protocols can be found here:

Hi Maarten, welcome to this forum!

That looks like a fun device. Are you using it with a microscope or in some other way?

The device interface looks quite nice. The only part that confuses me is that it mentions a HID and a serial interface. Does it have a USB and a serial connector, or can it somehow do serial over USB (in which case, how does it switch between those modes)?

I quite like the HID protocol and wished it was more widely employed with equipment. Micro-Manager has a “HID” device adapter that makes the HID device appear as a port that the device adapter code can talk to. You will need to find the USB vendor and product IDs (maybe possible through the Windows device manager, otherwise libUSB or similar will be helpful) and add that to the device list in the HIDManager source code (mmCoreAndDevices/HIDManager.cpp at fee2c1e310e2d237c1f6dda412c262efaecdf094 · micro-manager/mmCoreAndDevices · GitHub) and recompile (if you send me the name and IDs I am happy to add that to the list so it will be automatically Micro-Manager).

Once that is done, someone will need to write a device adapter that sends the commands listed in your manual and read the answers. There are plenty of example device adapters. Happy to advice if you can get someone to work on this.

Thank you Nico for you rapid and very helpful response! I am using the wheel in conjunction with a Lumiscope box produced by Cairn Research in the UK. We have a Photometrics Prime95B camera on the outside and a 35mm Kowa lens on the inside to image objects of ca 20 mm. The application is what we call receptomics but we are making a switch from fluorescence to bioluminescence and from FRET to BRET (with the filterwheel) for measuring calcium levels or bimolecular interactions without the nuisance of sample fluorescence.

I will contact my colleagues to answer your questions and possibly enlist your help!

Best regards