StarDist versatile models download


I wanted to ping @uschmidt83 to check how I can load the heavily augmented models provided in the Fiji plugin into the Jupyter notebooks. Is there a download link? Can I somehow import the ones that are packaged inside the starDist_.jar?

Thanks for any help

Hi Oli,

you can do it like this in Python with release 0.5.0:

>>> from stardist.models import StarDist2D
>>> StarDist2D.from_pretrained()
There are 4 registered models for 'StarDist2D':

Name                  Alias(es)
────                  ─────────
'2D_versatile_fluo'   'Versatile (fluorescent nuclei)'
'2D_versatile_he'     'Versatile (H&E nuclei)'
'2D_paper_dsb2018'    'DSB 2018 (from StarDist 2D paper)'
'2D_demo'             None

# create a model
>>> model = StarDist2D.from_pretrained('2D_versatile_fluo')

# if you want to know where the model folder is
>>> print(model.logdir)