StarDist-Script won't finish running

Hey there,

my standard script for running StarDist-CellDetection refuses to give any results, but instead keeps on running endlessly. I have copy-and-pasted the script and the data onto another Mac which I have set up yesterday, and there everything works fine.
I have already rebuild my QuPath with Gradle and have recloned the GitHub repository beforehand. I have switched back to QuPath-Snapshot 0.2.2., but that didn’t solve the problem either.

See the picture for the script…

Thanks for any suggestions!

Are you using the GPU or CPU version? I would strongly recommend using the CPU version – the GPU (especially on a Mac) can be a lot more difficult to configure.

(Also, please check View → Show log in case it has extra info, and be sure to apply it in a small region first to check if it is running.)

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I believe it was due to incorrect Pixel Sizes… sorry to bother you with that! :roll_eyes:


Ah, glad it’s resolved. Sounds like QuPath should give a more informative error message/warning in that case – I’ll look out for it!