Standardization for Cell Detection

Hey QuPath community,

My pipeline has come a long way thanks to the community’s help but one thing I have overlooked was standardizing or preprocessing images before analysis.
I feel like the cell detection analysis tool does a very good job at detecting cells but I am wondering if there are any steps I should take before running the cell detection on my images.

For background, the images that I am running cell detection on are H&E stained slides where the nucleus shows up with a darker purple stain.

Here is the result with the parameters I have been using.

Is there a better way to go about this?

Thanks in advance!

I can attach a full image file in a minute if anyone would like to try it themselves!

You did not mention it, but probably the most important thing to do when using anything that relies on color deconvolution is to set the stain vectors correctly - which hopefully will be consistent across an entire project, but is not always. You may have to set them manually or figure out a script if your staining is inconsistent.
And or a video