Standard deviation for ZAxisProfile

Hi all,

does anyone knows of a method to get the standard deviation for a ZAxisProfile?

Thanks in advance

Here is a macro that gets the standard deviation of a z axis profile, as well as the mean, min and max:

   means = newArray(nSlices);
   for (i=1; i<=nSlices; i++) {
      getStatistics(area, mean);
      means[i-1] = mean;
   Array.getStatistics(means, min, max, mean, stdDev);
   print("n: "+nSlices);
   print("mean: "+mean);
   print("stdDev: "+stdDev);
   print("min: "+min);
   print("max: "+max);

In case it is useful: one of the scripts of the BAR Update site plots standard deviations in live mode (BAR>Analysis>Multichannel ZT-axis Profile). Source here. A summary here.

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