Stage of development

we are using CellProfiler on MacOS for several years and really like it for its flexibility of the image analysis. However, for the amount of images and the detail we are analysing, it is currently fairly slow. Therefore, we would like to use the python version on Linux. Could you estimate when the python version of CellProfiler will be fully functional?


Thanks for the question. We have made some strides to an improved Linux installation – have you tried our installer for CentOS?
There are so many distributions of Linux that it is not easy to get an all-encompassing installer, or one set of instructions to compile on your own. Others have gotten CP installed on Ubuntu, either on a workstation or on Amazon EC2 (cloud) – see this thread.

So the short answer is that linux development is ongoing, but it is not our highest priority unless one of our direct collaborators have a need. However if you post the details of your configuration (distro mainly) that may help us, even if to take an informal poll for what the needs are.

Hope that helps,