StackReg on .avi format, ImageJ

I’m analysing some videos for my thesis, and I am using an already made scrpit, but when I run it, after selecting the folder with the videos and everything, It stops at StackReg and it says
“Unrecognised command StackReg”
I tried to download the plugin, along with turboreg, installed it, twice, from two different links, tried to update ImageJ (even though I already have the latest version). I read at least 20 forum pages about StackReg but my laptop/ImageJ doesn’t seem to want to work with it.

Can anyone help?

Hi Arianna,

Can you perform a StackReg manually, ie. are both commands TurboReg and StackReg available from the Plugins>Registration> submenu?

If not, inspect the ImageJ>Plugins folder for the presence of the files TurboReg_ and StackReg_ jar files (there might be a version number in the file name).

If so, and you use ImageJ and your macro, you can Plugin>Macro>New Macro, paste your code in the opened window and choose Debug>Debug Macro, Debug>Step through your code (or place a line containing debug; in your code just before StackReg).

When you inspect the Debug text window that has opened, you can see the variables. Then you do the extra step to perform StackReg. The error message will show a text line in the dialog with the exact location of the error within the statement; e.g, .

Can you post a bit of code around that command and the error statement?

Hi @Peep,

you can also install StackReg by activating the BIG-EPFL update site in Fiji.

I hope that helps.



Both TurboReg and StackReg appear as plugins and in the folder.

To verify the proper working of your setup, try the demo macro that is provided here.

If that sample macro works, there is something wrong in your macro, otherwise there is a problem with your setup, such as proper permissions on the files that need to be executed.

(in this page I notice a space after the TurboReg command but have not verified the influence of that on StackReg macro syntax)