Stackreg and Turboreg




Could it be that Stack- and Turbo-reg are not included in Fiji anymore?
I also could not find a corresponding update site.


These were moved to their own update site due to licensing issues. Please see this announcement:

I warmly recommend to subscribe to the Announcements category on the forum, by choosing the respective option at the top right on that category page :slight_smile:

Scripting menu?

Hello everyone. I’m just transitioning to Fiji from regular ImageJ and I have troubles downloading Turbo-reg. From the thread above I can see that the Stack- and Turbo-reg were moved to a different update site and are not a part of the Fiji. Does that mean that I need to download them separately to Fiji? I have been trying to add Turbo-reg Jar to Fiji but that didn’t help. Is there another plugin in Fiji which is similar to Turbo-reg or how can I upload Turbo-reg?


No, it simply means that you have to activate the respective update site (BIG-EPFL) in your installation.


Thank you very much! I have tried to run the updater but I do not get an option to select update sites. If I go Help > Update the updater just starts running and then it gives an error message


This error might have one of the following causes:

  • you run Fiji from the opened disk image (.dmg) file without first copying to your local disk, or
  • you run Fiji from a location where you don’t have full write permissions, e.g. the Applications folder on a Mac configured for multi-user access.

It should run fine if you copy e.g. to your Desktop and run it from there.


Thank you very much! It seems to be working now!