Stack zoom in viewer needed

I have a stack of images, XY and T. For example, 7 time frames, in each frame, the tiff size is 1024*1024. The built-in viewer (opened after I import image sequences) can help me navigate through 7 time frames. Also, I can enjoy zoom in function.

I hope when I click at a position in the current viewer, a new panel would show the zoom in images at that position for all 7 frames, i.e., 7 images, the center of each image is the clicked position, the content is the neighbouring pixels to the center in that frame, e.g. 20*20 pixels surrounding the center.

Also, if I have a list of positions (Region of Interest), when I click one item (row) in that list, I hope the zoom in panel can show for that position.

I have read through the visualization category. But haven’t found a match. (The new panels of “Image>Stacks>Orthogonal Views” is a little bit like what I want on the click-and-show side.) So, is there a plugin already implemented that? If no, any suggestions on that. I’m new to Fiji. Prefer script language like bash, Python, Matlab. Java is also fine, need to go over it though. (I am analyzing images similar to illumina sequencing images, doing things like Image registration and base calling. )

Thanks very much!

@RodenLuo as a mosaic or as a stack?

Hi Herr,
Mosaic was what in my mind.

(I should have made some images to demonstrate it in the initial post.)

With the above stack, I hope when I click at the center of one dot, the following image would show up in a new window. (Now, it was corped and spliced in Matlab with given coordinate. I made fake pixels to show the border. And opened in Fiji manually. What I hope is a run-time, click-and-show manner.)

(There are 8 time frames in the original stack, I omit the last one, so it’s a 7 images mosaic. Strictly following the dimension of stack, showing 8 frames is acceptable.)

As you can see, I have TWO channels, and TWO z. (It could be more than that.) But I focus on one z, sometimes even only one channel, at a time. So I simplified the case to the simplest one in the initial post. If users can open two mosaics, showing two channels; and if users can move to z-2, z-3, etc., doing the same, that would be the full version of the viewer I want to use (or to develop).

Seeing your reply, I realized, if users can split a stack on t dimension (just like split channels, but do it on time frames, so that users can have 7 different windows), then a zoom-in stack would be awesome too!