Stack slice label differs between stack and virtual stack

I have some tif images saved with labview. When I open them as a stack by drag and dropping the folder (or import sequence) in ImageJ, the slice labels are not the filenames but some annotations apparently from Labview :sweat_smile:

However if I open them as a virtual stack then the slice label are indeed the filenames (or at least the “short label”).
I have attached some images as an exemple (I cropped them to reduce the file size), that can be used to make a test stack.

-E010–PO01–LO012–CO3–SL004–PX06500–PW0100–IN0080–TM280–X094404–Y047424–Z210321–T2959505162–WE00058-crop.tif (160.7 KB)

-E010–PO01–LO012–CO4–SL004–PX06500–PW0100–IN0080–TM280–X094404–Y047424–Z210321–T2959509228–WE00058-crop.tif (160.8 KB)

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