Stack Labeler bug when applying labels as overlays?

I am trying to apply timestamps to a two-color timecourse (formatted as a stack in which each timeslice consists of two color channels) using the Stack Labeler tool. The timing interval is two minutes. When I apply the timestamp with the Use Overlay option unchecked, each slice is labelled correctly, i.e.:

slice 1 = 0 min
slice 2 = 2 min
slice 3 = 4 min
slice 4 = 8 min

However, when I apply the timestamps as overlays, the same label gets applied to two consecutive slices in the stack, i.e.:

slice 1 = 0 min
slice 2 = 0 min
slice 3 = 2 min
slice 4 = 2 min

I would prefer to use overlays to preserve the pixel data overlapping with the label. Please advise.

(I am using FIJI v1.51e42 on a machine running Mac OS 10.9.5).

Hi @mls,

I could reproduce your issue with the overlay option. I have filed a pull request that should fix the problem once it is merged and @Wayne has release a new ImageJ build.



Thanks to Stefan, this bug should be fixed in the latest ImageJ daily build (1.51e43).

@mls Once you update your ImageJ to 1.51e the problem should be solved (it is for me…)

Yes, I updated ImageJ as recommended and the issue is solved. Thank you!