stack.getSliceLabel() return different output if dragNdrop or "Images to stack"

I noticed that the command getSliceLabel() returns different output between

  • a stack made by drag n dropping a folder of images
  • a stack made from individually opened images and the command Stack>Images to Stack with the options Use title as slice label

Scriptlet to test it, with imp an opened image stack

#@ ImagePlus imp
Stack = imp.getStack()
Label = Stack.getSliceLabel(imp.currentSlice)
print Label

And attached an example image for which I have different outputs

  • with dragn dropping of the folder containing the image(s) the label corresponds to the filename
  • via Images to Stack the label contains in addition to the filename “\nSoftware: National Instruments IMAQ”

Not sure which one should be preferably returned, but it is a kind of unexpected behaviour :sweat_smile:

-A001–PO01–LO001–CO6–SL001–PX32500–PW0080–IN0020–TM281–X014580–Y011262–Z210710–T0200257564–WE00001.tif (8.0 MB)