Stack deflicker plugin not working any advice and movie convertion issue

I am trying to setup the worm tracker using movies from my iphone (issue number 1) any suggestions on how to convert them for analysis with wrmtrck?
Also when I do use a avi movie I am having problmes with getting the the stack diflicker plugin to work. Instead I get a text box. Any suggestions?

Someone will be more likely to be able to help you if you could please:

  1. Link to the specific versions of the plugins you are using
  2. Post a sample movie
  3. If the “text box” you get has an error message in it, please copy and paste it here or post a screenshot of the error.

I found wrmTrck and Stack Deflicker, but it has been ~5 years since they were last updated, so we might expect some issues…

Thanks for the reply!

  1. wrmtrck version-
  2. sample video: the system does not allow me to upload a file since I am a new user. my file is .mov (type)
  3. I can’t uplaod the print screen for the diflicker error either but as I can gather it also says that I don’t have the updated version.
    I downloaded FIJI from:

Thanks for your time,


Thanks for the additional info. Can you post a link to a file on Dropbox, imgur, Google Drive, etc.?

Can you say a little more about what quantitative data you want to get from the movies? If these particular plugins turn out not to work anymore, there might be an alternative that does what you need.