Square pixel to square micron

Hello everybody

Sorry if my question is very easy or silly but I am still new in QuPath and I have some issues in some images. My target is to take specific measurements in an area measure 0.25 square micron. However, some images give me this value in square pixel and I want to double check the calculation process and how to convert this area in square pixels to square microns. Current image resolution is 0.171 microns per pixel.
I found that I can adjust the pixel width and length, is it right to put 0.171 for both width and length?
Thanks in advance

That’s odd, .svs files usually have the pixel size encoded in their metadata.

Otherwise, the pixel size is entered in microns per pixel, and usually, pixels are square. Though apparently not always.

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Thanks for your replay, I have a cohort of 180 images all of them in .svs format and this issue happened in about 30 images. I entered the values to these images manually and all good now.