SQLite or CSV

Dear CellProfiler Experts,
I am trying to deploy CellProfiler on Windows for shared use by several people who have rather different requirements for post-processing. They want to use knime, Matlab and CPA and for that reason they want some data in SQLite files and some in CSV files. For the data curation purposes it would be much easier for me to store everything in a database and then export certain data into the formats above.
Having read descriptions of ExportToDatabase and ExportToSpreadsheet modules I think that the former has all the functionality of the latter and therefore I could store all the results and metadata in a database and then export whatever is needed into a CSV file without loosing any essential info. Am I right? Please let me know if I missed any important differences between ExportToDatabase and ExportToSpreadsheet modules.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you are correct: the per-image and per-object data will be exactly the same. There are a few differences, functions which ExportToSpreadsheet can do but ExportToDatabase cannot:

  • Perform per-well measurements
  • Add per-image metadata to the per-object table
  • Limit which columns to export

Hopefully, these differences are not germane to your use, and can be overcome by using the correct MySQL commands on your database tables.