SQLite and CP Analyst


Is the currently downlodable version of CPAnalyst working with SQLite database created by the “export to database” module in CP?

Currently, CPA 1.0 and Classifier 2.0 are available on the website for download, neither of which can import directly from CP’s ExportToDatabase. However, we are just now releasing CPA 2.0 which does support this. I can send you a build if you’d like.

Are you using a bleeding edge version of CP 2.0 from SVN?

The reason I ask is that the currently released versions of CP do not write directly to SQLite… they write directly to .csv files which CPA 2.0 turns into an SQLite db.

I am running the release version of CP so would need to convert the CSV. files to database I guess.

You have 2 options then – continue using whatever version of CPA you have and use the .SQL file exported by ExportToDatabase (E2DB) to create a MySQL database.


Use the new version of CPA 2.0 and it will do the work for you to create an SQLite db automatically. We are currently working on some last-minute features related to SQLite, but hopefully will have a build by tomorrow, if not later today.

What OS are you using?

I don’t have a MySQL set up at the moment so prefer to work locally with SQLite.

I am running Windows XP 32.

Alrighty, give me until the end of the day and I’ll get you a windows build. :mrgreen:

Thanks a lot!