Spot Tracking "Bug report" in ICY


I’m new to using Icy, and I’d like to explore its Spot Tracking feature. However, each time I try to use the feature, I get the Bug report shown here:

I’ve tried installing JDK8, uninstalling and reinstalling Icy, and downloading a separate Spot Tracking plugin, but I still get this same Bug report each time. Other features that I’ve tried in Icy have all seemed to work smoothly so far - this is the only one I’ve run into with this issue. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for how I could fix this to get Spot Tracking working?

Thanks so much for your help in advance!


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Dear Sally,

I would like to have a few more information to help you.

Which version of Icy do you use?
Could you upload an example of image you would like to process and detail what you did from opening the image with Icy to getting this bug report?

Many thanks in advance!
Best regards,

Hi Marion,

When I click on “About Icy” in the application, it says it’s Version 1.0 (I’m not sure if this is correct because I’ve tried a few different versions - I believe one is the most recent version and one is the version).

Here are a few frames from a tif file I’d like to process - I’d like to be able to track the bright spots at the cell junctions:

This bug report is given whenever I click on “Spot Tracking” under the “Detection and Tracking” tab whether or not I have opened an image in Icy yet. I have tried using the Spot Detector feature which has worked and in which I was able to export to ROI, but I still get this same report as soon as I click on “Spot Tracking.”

Let me know if I can give you any more information.


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Hi Sally,

Can you give more information about your OS and your Java version ?
You can see in the output panel of Icy (in the inspector on the right) all these information, it would be useful if you can copy/paste them here.
I know Java 12 can be tricky with native library loading (which is your issue here) but still it should work here, i guess another problem (as having no write rights) can be the source of the problem.

– Stephane

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Hi Stephane,

I am using macOS version 10.13.6 and Java version 8 according to my Java Control Panel.

Here’s my output from Icy:

Java™ SE Runtime Environment 14.0.1+7 (64 bit)
Running on Mac OS X 10.13.6 (x86_64)
Number of processors : 4
System total memory : 8.4 GB
System available memory : 58.2 MB
Max java memory : 2.2 GB
Image cache initialized (reserved memory = 844 MB, disk cache location = /var/folders/yj/sh30z4h90p71c48mfy7jq15c0000gn/T)

Can’t install OSX application wrapper…
Java 12 (or above) don’t support patching java library path.
Native libraries may not load correctly.
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no vtkalglib in java.library.path: [/Users/sallyboerma/Library/Java/Extensions, /Library/Java/Extensions, /Network/Library/Java/Extensions, /System/Library/Java/Extensions, /usr/lib/java, .]

Cannot load VTK library…

Icy Version started !

Thank you,

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Hi @boermas,

Sorry for the late reply. Ok so we can see that even if you installed Java 8, your system still use Java 14 which may be the issue here.
You can try to remove Java 14 from your system by following the described steps here:

Then try to launch Icy again, this time you should see Java 8 instead of Java 14 and hopefully that should be enough to resolve your problem.


– Stephane

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I have the same bug described above. Java13 was originally installed on my computer, I removed it and installed Java 8 instead. Unfortunately, Icy does not open anymore and I get the message report shown here :

Do you have any ideas where the bug comes from or any suggestions to fix this?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi Thomas,

From the message i can see that you have an older java installed on your system (java 6 probably) and Icy need java 7 at least (java 8 recommended), i don’t know why but it looks like your java 8 installation failed.
Can you try to type “java --version” in a console to see which version is used now on your system ?


– Stephane

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