Spot intensity analysis plugin not generating spot intensity profile




I’m trying to use the spot intensity analysis plugin to measure the intensity vs time of fluorescently labeled and immobilized calmodulin. It finds the spots just fine but when I click OK and select a spot it generates a blank spot intensity profilespot%208%2016crop|nullxnull

I would appreciate any insight or advice; I’m new to imageJ.


Just tested the plugin, and it runs for me. My guess is that your input data differs from what the plugin expects. I added a “testing” section to the page describing the plugin ( Can you try that and check if you see the intensity profiles with the input data?


Thank you for your response! I used the test image but it didn’t find any spots.


I figured out how to make the test image work but I am still having trouble with my images.


Good! So there is something in your image, that does not quite jive with what the plugin expects. Hard to say what that may be without having access to your images. It is possible that your input data does not have time points, but rather is a z-stack. In that case, select Image > Properties, and swap the values in the Slices and Frames fields of the Image Properties.


That was the problem! It works perfectly fine now! Thank you so much for your help!