Spot detection not working on Bio-formats image

Dear Forum,
I am analyzing RNAscope slides and detecting spots/clusters. All working until I found one image where i could detect cells but not the spots within the cells. I compared the image with the rest and found, this image has ‘server type: bio-formats’ while the other images have ‘server type: Openslides’.
Now, is there a way to change some metadata information so that i could detect spots in the image with 'server type: bio-formats?
sorry for the naïve question.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Forum,
I figured out the problem. this was due to the scanning issue, and Qupath automatically detetcted an openslide image as 'bioformat. I will rescan my image (.svs) and try again an let you know. but please dont invest time answering my question at the moment.

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