SpinnakerCamera.dll causing Hardware Configuration Wizard to crash

Hi all,

I am trying to set up micro-manager 2.0 (gamma1_20210419) for the first time with a FLIR camera (BFS-U3-200S6M-C). The host computer (Windows 7 64bit) has the Spinnaker SDK ( installed with support included for Visual Studio 2010, as described in the Cairn PDF on the main website.

My problem is that whenever I try to open the Hardware Configuration Wizard, the loading wheel spins for a few seconds and then the entire micro-manager program closes without an error message. However, the problem goes away if I remove mmgr_dal_SpinnakerCamera.dll from the “Program Files/Micro-Manager-2.0gamma” folder on my PC so I believe that DLL is the source of the problem somehow.

I came across a few old threads discussing version mismatches between Spinnaker and micro-manager, but I wasn’t able to find a concrete solution (I apologize if I overlooked something). Does anyone know the right combination of Spinnaker version and micro-manager version to connect to my BlackflyS FLIR camera in 64bit Windows 7?

Thanks! -Tyler

Hi Tyler,

I’m not familiar with this device adapter but I do notice that it is compiled using version of the Spinnaker SDK so maybe you need to install that version instead?

FYI, usually when Micro-Manager crashes like that it will save a file to its installation directory that is named something like “hs_err_{xxxxxxx}.txt”. These files can be a little difficult to interpret but they might help track down the issue.


It looks like the mmgr_dal_Spinnaker version build in 2.0 is currently incorrect (it should have been compiled against, and we are working on getting that fixed. In the mean time, you could install MM 1.4, copy mmgr_dal_Spinnaker.dll from 1.4 into the 2.0 directory, and hopefully things will correctly then.

Hi Nico, thanks for the suggestion. I just installed MM 1.4 but I don’t see a mmgr_dal_Spinnaker.dll file anywhere in the Program Files/Micro-Manager-1.4/ directory – would it be somewhere else?

EDIT: whoops, installed the 1.4-old version. Just reinstalled with the latest 1.4 build and was able to get Hardware Configuration Wizard to open. Unfortunately SpinnakerCamera is grayed out and says unavailable - any suggestions?

Hi Tyler,

Usually when a device adapter is greyed out it suggests that the sdk was not found. I’m not sure exactly but make sure that you have the correct architecture (64bitnor 32 bit) installed.

FYI, the device adapter should be fixed in tonight’s MM2.0 build


Hi Nick,

Thanks for the suggestion, I realized I’d installed the 32bit MM to be compatible with a Thorlabs APT stage I’m trying to use. Switching to 64bit (to match my Spinnaker) fixed the problem and I can now connect to my FLIR camera!

Now on to trying to get the APT stage and FLIR camera into the same configuration… but I won’t adulterate this thread with that.

Thanks again (to both you and Nico) for all the help! -Tyler

The Spinnaker SDK supports 32-bits on Windows, and the Micro-Manager 32-bit installer includes the compiled Spinnaker adapter. Not sure though if you can install 32-bit Spinnaker on a 64-bit OS, but you could certainly try. It would be nicest to get a 64-bit driver and device adapter for the APT stage.

I installed a 64-bit driver for the APT stage and was trying to follow the documentation (ThorlabsAPTStage - Micro-Manager) for getting the 64bit device adapter, but wanted to clarify something before I moved on.

Under “Compilation notes, 64-bit device adaptor” it talks about compiling the device adapter – am I understanding correctly that I should build the source code (Building MM on Windows - Micro-Manager) and compile the adapter myself? Or is it publicly available somewhere?

I think that is old (and should be updated). As far as I can tell the 64 bit APT device adapter is included in both the 32 and 64 bit builds. Please confirm, and I will update that document.

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