Specifying crop area what is "Slice"?



AstroImageJ 3.2.0, ImageJ 1.47i running Windows 10. To specify a crop area in a stack of images the menu sequence is Edit / Selection / Specify… and the requested data includes a field called “Slice” which is prefilled with “1”. Does anyone know what does? I’ve checked documentation on the Specify, but that field is not mentioned.




Good day Ed,

I don’t know about “AstroImageJ” but in general with ImageJ, “Slice” denotes the image position in a stack of images, i.e. slice is the layer and it is 1-based.




The “Slice” value sets the slice of the stack that is displayed after you click “Okay”. Once you click “Crop”, the full stack of images is cropped no matter which slice is displayed.