Specific surface area, Vol or Encl. Vol?

I would like to calculate the specific surface area for pores with the result table produced by BoneJ/Particle Analyze.
Specific surface area(SSA) can be expressed in units of area per volume of sample (m2/cm3). That’s area divided by volume.
But what I wonder now is which volume value should I use in the result table?
Vol or Encl. Vol

Their definition:
Vol : particle volume
Encl. Vol: Volume enclosed by surface mesh (0 if too small for mesh to be produced; see warning log)

From the definition, I think the enclosed volume is more suitable to calculate the SSA. But I’m not sure, so I want to ask here.

And does the Vol means the pore is not enclosed by surface?But I wonder why does it exist pore volume is not surrounded by the surface? The pores in the solid must be surrounded by the surface, except for the surface pores :joy:…Sorry, my spatial imagination is limited…


I updated the documentation to make this clearer.

I agree. This way there is consistency in the way the particle has been represented (i.e. as a surface mesh) for both area and volume.

No - the measurements are made differently, one using a pixel count and one using a surface mesh. All particles (even the smallest) are represented in a pixel count volume, but small particles tend to get smoothed away when making the surface mesh, so may be missing from the Encl. Vol measurement list.

Your answer has successfully solved my doubts. Thank you!

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