Spatial units have changed, how to change back?

So for the years I’ve been using Image J I have been working in pixels but today after a number of days of analysis I find that Image J has changed my units to inches!

First how come this has happened, second how to I change back to pixels?

You can use Image > Properties (user guide) or Analyze > Set Scale (user guide) to set the unit of length, and check the Global box to apply to all images in the session.

Not sure why the behavior changed. Some images have the units stored in the metadata. Perhaps something changed in the camera or whatever has generated the images?

Hope this helps.

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Are you working with TIFF files? Some instruments produce TIFF files with metadata erroneously declaring the units as inches. By pressing Shift+P to bring up the Image Properties as suggested by @tswayne, you can correct the calibration/units.

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Yes TIFF files from a new source.

Thanks for the info, it was really bugging me