Source codeof cellprofiler for 64bit windows XP


I am trying to call cellprofiler from Omero insight(client side of omero) and was successful in implementing it for a 32bit windows XP machine by changing the source code of cellprofiler 32bit windows XP . I am trying to implement the same for a CellProfiler 64bit windows XP machine but having a hard time to find find the source code for it. Can you please help me by letting me know where I can download the source code of cellprofiler for 64bit windows XP .

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The source code (Developer’s version) is independent of your architecture, so you should be able to use the same code.


I have made some changes to the source code of cellprofiler and compiled it on a 32bit machine but when I moved it to a 64bit machine I was not able to start it. Can you please let me know why this is.

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Hi Vamsi,

The compiled code will run on the architecture that is it compiled on (which is true for most software). Therefore, to run it on a 64-bit machine, you will need to compile it on a 64-bit machine.


Thanks mark for the reply…