Source Code for Micromanager 1.4.22?


I am wondering if anybody has found / knows where to find the source code for Micromanager 1.4.22? I am looking to compile some device adapters for this older version of MM.

We use a plugin that is only compatible with this Micromanager version and we would like to use some of our new cameras with it, which requires that we compile the device adapters with the correct source code.

It is easy to find the code for the latest version of MM, as well as an svn archive of the 1.4.23 version as described on the website. I have determined that the

micromanager2 - Revision 17481: /trunk - Release 1.4
3rdpartypublic - Revision 199: / - 3rd party files needed for Release 1.4

is in fact version 1.4.23, and the device adapters compiled with this code unfortunately do not work for 1.4.22.

Does anyone know if there is an svn archive of MM 1.4.22 version floating around somewhere?

Thanks for the help!

It looks like this commit on GitHub contains the bump to version 1.4.23:

So browsing the files at that commit (or its parent) should reflect the state of version 1.4.22:

You can browse interactively in the history of the entire network of forks on GitHub here:

svn co