Sorting ROIs by the coordinates is flawed

I have a bunch of ROIs (some from Analyze Particles, others hand drawn), and I need to sort them by y position. But the sort button on the ROIManager is flawed.

It sorts them fine from 0001 to 0999. Then it jumps to 10000 and again sorts fine, but then goes back to 2000.

It’s clearly sorting by the very first number of the y-coordinate, but I need it sorted by the actual position. I have tall images and and y-coordianates go over 9999.

Please help me with this. I need this function as soon as possible!!

Sho Fujisawa
Molecular Cytology Core Facility
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
New York, NY

For the archives: @Sho_Fujisawa asked this same question on the ImageJ mailing list and @Wayne implemented a fix.

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